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June Update

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Often in the Northwest June can be cold, rainy and gloomy- “Junuary”.  This year, it’s proving to be a fickle weather month, warm and sunny one day, then cool and showery the next.  The plants still know that summer is coming, though, with days that are stretching as we near the solstice.

June tomatoes

June tomatoes

The tomatoes and peppers, planted in late April, are starting to take off, especially the tomatoes.  Many of the plants already have fruit.  The peppers and eggplants are lagging behind.  Even with the added warmth of the hoop house, the cool weather is not to their liking.

The snap peas I planted in March are just about ready to eat.  Sugar Snap do take longer than some of the short varieties, but I love their sweet flavor, and they will keep producing for 6 weeks or more- keeping us in peas for the table and for the freezer until the beans come on in August.

Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar Snap Peas

The rhododendrons are winding down in the garden, and the late peonies are just about over as well.  Without planting more perennial beds (or !horrors! annuals), color in the garden will be more subdued until the explosion of fall tones.  There are a few summer blooming things scattered about, but the riot of spring is winding down.  And that’s okay- the garden was really planned around the textures and many tones of greens.

Garden View

Garden View

Bird life continues to diversify as the garden matures. We have a Bewick’s Wren nesting in the garden shed, we think for the second year in a row. Forgive the slightly blurred shot- I didn’t want to disturb her on her nest. The male often sits right outside the shed and scolds us as we go in to get a tool. I always apologize…but that’s where all the gardening tools are stored!

Bewick's Wren on her nest

Bewick’s Wren on her nest


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